Mod Archive Mirror (TEXTFILES.COM)

This is an unofficial mirror for the Mod Archive torrents, a collection of gigabytes of Mod and related files originally from Modarchive. If it is still available, it is better to go to https://tracker.modarchive.org and use the files there.

File or DirectorySize
modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_120000_modules 29.03 GiB
modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_addendum1 479.69 MiB
modarchive_2008_additions 1.39 GiB
modarchive_2009_additions 1.44 GiB
modarchive_2010_additions 920.61 MiB
modarchive_2011_additions 955.43 MiB
modarchive_2012_additions 967.05 MiB
modarchive_2013_additions 990.41 MiB
modarchive_2014_additions 1.14 GiB
modarchive_2015_additions 1.19 GiB
modarchive_2016_additions 1.37 GiB
modarchive_2017_additions 1.69 GiB
modarchive_2018_additions 2.46 GiB
modarchive_2019_additions 1.73 GiB
modarchive_2020_additions 1.75 GiB
modarchive_2021_additions 1.63 GiB
modarchive_2022_additions 2.56 GiB
modarchive_2023_additions 1.8 GiB
kiarchive.zip 557.03 MiB
TMA-waveworld.zip 1.35 GiB
woolyss-chiptune-samples.zip 71.10 MiB